About us

We are a lovely small family in the heart of Frisia in Lower Saxony, 8 km to the North Sea coast.

We are living in a big house on an estate of 6000 m² with lots of space to have fun together. There we love to play with the dogs.

We are my husband and me. Our children are grown up and they don´t live here anymore.



How we became dog parents:

Someday we thought about to live together with a dog. From this day we kept busy about this theme and we informed ourself about the question of the breed. We have been sure it has to be a dog that won´t need too many big walks a day and that won´t want to get powered out by sports. Some day we read about the breed of the Bologneses and we have been so excited. It seems, the Bolognese is the perfect dog for us. After some weeks of advisement we began to search for a puppy. This way has been bumpy and not easy, because the Bolognese is a very rare breed and there are only a hand full responsible and trustful breeders. After some waiting time little Benji came to us and roll up our life in lovingly manner. So we started the big adventure Bolognese.

Laila, me & Benji

VDH breeders certificate
VDH breeders certificate