- The Bolognese -







The origin of the Bologneses is probably in Italy and is mixed with the lines of the Malteses. He is also closely related to the Havaneses and the Bichon Frisés. Furthermore he is related to the Coton de Tuléars and the Little lion dogs.

For some centuries the bolognese has been a marvellous lap dog of the mighty of Europe, of many royalties. They applied also as a special gift.

During the Renaissance he was widespread in France and Italy and for example Madame de Pompadour, Maria Theresia and Catharine the Great have had a Bolognese. Frequently you can see him on old paintings.

The Bolognese is a part of the family of the Bichons.

Today he is approved by the FCI. There he is in group 9 (Companion and Toy Dogs), section 1 (Bichons and related breeds) and has got FCI- Standard No. 196.



The Bolognese is bright quietly and well balanced and never aggressive. He is very attached to his human and always cuddly, lovely and loyal. Somebody fell in love with this cute white angels. To foreign people normally he is a little bit shy and sometimes he barks to them. Here Benji watches the house and we know anybody is coming before this person rings the bell. Allthough the Bolognese isn´t a barker, he doesn´t bark often and is a quiet friend. He loves to accompany his human everywhere and wants to be together with him. He doesn´t need much of action, so he is a terrific dog for older people and little children. Everytime he likes to play, but he has a more quiet mind then the Bichon Frisé. The bolognese is robust and teachable. He likes to learn and has got a very fast comprehension, that´s very good for the breeding. He also likes to learn some legerdemains.

The life expectancy is about 12 - 15 years.


Appearance like standard

Always the Bolognese has got absolutely white curled coat, that falls flaky.

Male dogs are between 27 - 30 cm and bitches are between 25 - 28 cm and the weight is between 2,5 - 4 kg.

The edge of the eyelids and the nose have to be deep black, the eye colour is dark ochre and the eyes are round. The ears are long and they droop.

The body is square and the tale is carried well over the back. The head is carried elegant and kingly.


For those who can read in German I would like to suggest this book: