The coat of a Bolognese has to be groomed regularly, otherwise it will get knotted. You should accustom your Bolognese from age of puppy to this procedure, so he will get used to it.

You should brush once a week and a young dog with the puppy coat daily or every two days. One day cursory but efficient and the next day very copious. I begin at the underside. Therefor I put the dog on his back and brush and comb the coat hank by hank. Then I lay the dog on his side and do the same with the paws of this side. Then I do this hank by hank till the other side - one time across the dog. Every area has to be brushed in every direction.

Extra attention you should have on the axles, the bottom area, the neck and the area behind the ears - because there are often knots.

Mainly we use a "Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon"- brush, concluding a mid raw comb. If there are already knots, you should put the open scissor blade under the knot and put it in sawing moves away from the body. That opens the knots and then they can be combed out easily. If you groom constantly you can avoid cutting the knots completely.

It´s important to brush and comb till the hairline, because there are the knots.

In the face we use a fine eye comb.


Our fine eye comb:

From age of youth the coat changes from puppy coat to adult coat. This time is very complex, because then the knots grew up very fast. Then you have to groom high frequently.

The coat of a Bolognese has got a marvellous attribute. If the dog burrows in the garden and comes back with black coat, you can put him on his place (for example on a towel). When the soil is dry you can brush it out easily and the dog is white again.

Take a bath as infrequently as possible and as often as necessary!

Please brush and comb your Bolognese before bathing, because after the bath you can not remove knots easily. After bathing you shouldn´t rub the hair dry, better is to dab the wetness away.

Bologneses, that will be presented on dog shows, you should never cut the coat! At most you can cut the tips of the hair to get a better look. Also you shouln´t cut the hair around the eyes. For a better sight we create a plait on the head. You should learn this from puppy age up.

For male dogs it´s certainly better to cut a little "pee channel" to avoid yellow conglutinations from the urine.