You should check the ears daily if there is any foreign matter inside.


Are there many hair inside the ear, they should be pinched. Please pinch carefully and slowly (not like "Heave ho!") and only a few hairs in every pinch, . Then the dog has no pain during the pocedure and the dog makes no trouble.

This avoids building a fat cluster of earwax that causes an inflammation. This must be done frequently at breeds with long hanging ears like the Bolognese.


A clamp to pluck the hair out of the ears:

An ear before grooming:

The same ear after grooming:


There are also products for cleaning the ears like cleaning waters that should be put into the ear canal and then knead the ear. After this the dog shakes his body and the product will be thrown out together with the dirt. Because this is a dirty matter, you better should do this outside or in the bathroom.