We prefer first- class food with a high proportion of meat and without grain.

As puppy food we feed Orijen Puppy .

When the dogs are adults we change to Acana Lamb & Apple.

In the morning we feed Terra Canis wet food and midday (for puppies) and in the evening the Orijen or Acana.

Generally everybody should keep busy about the food for his dog. Often you can find sugar, salt and many other ingredients in food from the big companies that isn´t good for the health of your dog. First of all in goodies you can find sugar very often and it´s as bad for dogs teeth  as for human. For a small breed like the Bolognese first- class food isn´t very expensive. We only pay about 20 - 25 Euro a month per dog, conditioned by size of dog and it´s behaviour. For goodies you have to look what´s high quality and the dog likes.